Wednesday, August 1, 2012

why we can't go anywhere

We can’t go anywhere. I think for the safety and sanity of the rest of the city we should just stay home.  You see earlier this week we ate at our local taco bell with friends from their family not one drop was spilled. Us well…

First Monster spilled RED FRUIT PUNCH. Why oh why would papa gears give a three year old such a stainable drink?  Well he dropped it and then tried to clean it up with napkins, we asked for a mom but they were busy so they said not to worry about it but it was EVERYWHERE.

So while directing Monster I set Princess on the chair next to me I was ho ding on to her with one hand but I wasn’t watching those sneaky baby hands. And she grabbed a taco spilling it all over.

Unfortunately, I saw this and tipped over my drink during an attempt to catch it….

Sigh we should have stayed home.  

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