Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the evils of parade candy

 I hate parade candy.   There is way too much of it and not enough at the same time.  Little monster is still well little,  so he doesn’t run as far in to the street(thank goodness) or as fast as the other kids, leaving him to cry because he isn’t allowed to grab that piece of candy just out of reach.

It’s sticky and hot what is eaten makes the overly hot kids thirsty. What isn’t eaten is put in to the diaper bag where it melts in to a sticky mess. On a related note does anyone know how to get melted candy out of a diaper bag?

Once I tried to bring a bag of candy along because I knew I was going to be at the parade without papa Gears, it didn’t work the candy I bought must have been of an inferior quality or something because when that one green tootsie roll flew near enough to him that he could have picked it up but a older faster child swooped it up it was all over.  So a POX on parade candy! (On the candy, not the kids who eat it)

On a funny note Grandma Knows-it-all  told the little monster that if he waves, he’ll get more candy so he waved at everything for an hour or so weather we had people in front of us or not .

Isn’t the parade wave awesome!

And also one of Princess Urp because well she’s cute and underrepresented here, can you believe my six month old will not pose for me? The nerve.

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  1. We took Miles to our city parade and he started sobbing because the big kids took all the candy. Luckily, one of the big kids was nice and handed him a bag of popcorn, but yeah, I'm with you on this one.