Saturday, August 18, 2012

A letter to 3, who can suck it.

In a few weeks Monster turns four and  I should be felling like my my baby needs to stop growing up, but honestly I have only one thing to say to 3...

" SEE YEAH! I hope the door dosn't hit you too hard on the way out."

OK  I might add

"Please don't come back. Well for at least a few more years, in fact if you want Princess to skip 3 all together and just go from 2-4, I'd be OK with that.

3 you are 2 with intent.

3 you took the ability of a two year old to make a mess and turned it in to a tornado. A vicious level of  destruction that sometimes out paces my wildest dreams. I mean i didn't think you were capable but i was wrong.

3 you saw to the end of naps, but not the end of need for a nap just the ability to take one.

3 you have reduced the number of foods that my son will eat to a handful, of course that is just for me he'll eat a lot for everyone else. 

(yeah that's cake he FELL ON IT great way to start 3 no?)

now don't get me wrong 3 your not all bad, 

thanks to you my little monster is potty trained.

He interacts socially much better.

those fine motor skills are coming along nicely he wants to color and write now!

and he can think about others before himself he doesn't like to but he can. that's all on you 3.

But overall, I'm ready for my sweet boy back so 3 you can shove it!
Here's to FOUR and the hopefully more reasonable child that move's in with it.

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