Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The OTHER reason we shouldn’t go anywhere

This week we went to go visit my grandmother in Utah while we were there we visited a college roommate of mine who has a precious 4 week old newborn boy, her first. We decided to meet up at a park so the kids could play and no one had to worry about clean up.

They are new parents still in that wonderfully protective he’s so tiny and fragile stage.

The Little princess ate grass, every time I looked away, a lot of grass.  Oh but this story isn’t about her, nah this is about The Little Green Monster… who lived up to his name.

First  he disappeared a lot as three year olds are apt to do luckily we kept an eye on him but not close enough because during on trip around the corner papa gears walked over to find him PEEING on the wall of the restroom.  AHHH! That’s right pants around his ankles just peeing on the wall; I swear he’s never done that before. I apologize to our friends and try to laugh it off something about boys will be boys, right?

This is a good time to mention that there was a family reunion going on at this park, Monster disappears again,  and we start to call for him and he bounces out of the pavilion with a desert in hand very happy “I GOT DESERT MOM!!!”  I’m pretty sure I died right there.

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