Friday, December 28, 2012

maybe too much togetherness

  I’m glad my children are close I really am.  When DISTRUCTOR (formerly lil green monster) and the little princess play together my heart warms.
I like it when he makes her laugh.
I like it when she hugs him when he cries.
I like it when they share their toys.
But wish I didn’t have to remind them not to share a tooth brush….

Thursday, December 27, 2012

your getting carrots for Christmas.

Please stop giving him candy.

The title pretty much says it all. For every holiday my in-laws manage to give my son massive amounts of candy.  I’m not talking about 3 snickers bars.  For his birthday he got a 2lbs bag of Swedish fish, for Easter a MASSIVE chocolate bunny, and now for Christmas another 2lbs bag of Swedish fish.  You bring him candy every time you visit.

Too much sugar makes the DISTRUCTOR (formerly the little green monster) in to a brat.  He won’t eat., so he gets really really cranky and whiny and completely crazy. It takes days to get him normal after the massive amount of candy you give him, even after I hide it while he sleeps.
Today I told him that I was going to blow up a balloon. He had a complete meltdown that I was going to blow up the balloon instead of him, then another when he couldn’t do it. Then he hit his sister with the balloon and when he was put on time out sobbed because he had to give all of his toys to his sister (something I never even mentioned). 

Next year we are putting broccoli in his stocking.