Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A story for preschool

Hey this is not kid related (well not mine) but I love the story I wrote fro my pre-school kids so ENJOY!

This is a story about a boy name Patrick who lived a very  long time ago in a land called Openanana (Oh-Pan-Anana) Now Openanana was a strange place you see because no one had ever heard of fasteners. Now you and I know that fasteners are very useful tools the help us connect one piece of fabric to another, But the people of Openanana had never used them.  Their shoes were always getting stuck in the mud, their coats were always letting in the cold, and worst of all their pants kept falling down! Wouldn’t that be awful? Would you like to live here?)
One snowy day Patrick was walking home and he was so cold because his pants had fallen off his shoes were stuck in the mud , He suddenly yelled “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!, I will not do this anymore!” And he decided to come up with a solution. And what do you think he did?
He decided to start with the pants problem first.  Now what could he use to keep his pants on? (Accept all applicable answers)
 and what kind of fasteners do belts use? Yes!
Patrick chose to make a belt with Velcro, because  he thought it would be easy to use.
The next day Patrick walked to school, and his pants stayed on the whole way! Everyone in Openanana Was so excited they all got belts! Some had buckles,  some tied, some had Velcro and some had snaps. The people of Openanana were so excited.
But Patrick was still cold, especially his toes. He just needed a way to keep them much tighter on his feet. What do you think he did?
 That is right! He poked some holes in the sides right here and added a  shoelace!  The next day his shoes stayed on the whole way to school.  The people of Openanana were so excited, they all went out and got their own fasteners for their shoes. Some used laces, others used velcro and a few even used buckles.
Everyone was happy, except Patrick.  He was still cold.
He decided to keep his coat from blowing open in the wind. Hmm he needed something that would stay very securely, and not let in the cold but would also open up when he needed it to. This one took a lot of thinking but what do you think he did? Yep he used a zipper. He could pull it up or down and on days that were not too hot and not too cold he could even leave it in the middle.  It was wonderful, Again the people of Openanana were so excited they threw a party for Patrick to thank him and they all came wearing their coats. Some had zippers, some had Velcro, Some had toggles or buckles or snaps!
And Patrick was finally warm THE END