Monday, July 30, 2012

I Think I stink.

Do you ever get the feeling that you smell? I think this is a part of the whole mommy gig, that or Papa Gears and I just smell awful.  When I can get people to make plans with me, they change and I get stood up ,always it’s kind a depressing actually, even family!  

The other thing I want to talk about is what my friend call’s the 2+ club.  After the birth of your second child the sleep deprivation and the Dora depletes your ability to think so much that you  can no longer be interesting. Your boring to talk to you know don’t have anything to say. When you actually have an adult conversation it is absolutely hilarious and interesting.  I think, you know I’m not sure what to say ummmm…..


Yesterday Monster walked up to me with a bottle of water and asked me to drink,

“ MOM, I don’t want you to die. Please drink this water!”

What else could I do I drank the water.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monster's favorite snack

One of Monster’s favorite treats is Beef turkey. 

I’ve told him it is Beef Jerky but   that doesn’t make any sense at all, of course.

I can only imagine he is thinking about an animal that looks something like this.

Happy snacking Y’all!

Mr. Bob

This spring we went on vacation to the Oregon coast.  Outside of our vacation rental, was this unfortunate fellow, we named him Mr. Bobbit.

The green monster became very fond of Mr. Bob.  Today he wanted to write him a letter so that he wouldn’t miss us.

“ Mr. Bob,

I miss living at the ocean Mr. Bob, it was so cool. I hope you’re feeling better   ‘cuz, I knowed you were hurting last time.  Please come and visit us, so we can take you to the zoo.

-          The little green monster”

I’m not sure HOW he plans to take a HUGE wood statue to the zoo, but I put him in a wagon for Monster to pull because I’m sure not going to carry him!

Let us meet the family!- updated

Welcome to my blog, my new creative outlet and hopefully something to put a smile on your face!

Now without further delay let’s introduce the cast of this little blog.

Papa Gears

 The father in our little family he is named for his love of just about anything with a motor.  He always has grease under his fingernails and sunburn on his neck.  Papa gears is a redneck by birth, he has a fondness for stale circus peanuts and a fear of sharks (SHHH!)

( after telling him about this um "art". Papa gears told me that this is a fairly popular design and  kragar makes rim sets for cars like these.... I think he missed the point.)

DISTRUCTOR (formerly The little green monster)

Our four year old.  says crazy things. manages to accidentally break everything I own, takes a room from clean to mess in 0.03 seconds.  He loves his sister, watching cartoons, his cousins and toy cars. His fears seem to include water, cooked veggies, food touching other food and wearing pants. Magically knows that I'm going to the bathroom.

Princess urp often known as simply the little princess.

Our one year old daughter, named because what go’s down always comes up. Perpetually smells like spit up. She likes cheerios,Chocolate , pretty dresses and chasing her big brother. She started to walk at 8 months and nothing has been able to slow her down since. absolutely knows she is cute and uses it to her advantage. struts when dressed up, teases other babies with her skills.  sly.

And finally me Mama Knows-it-All

Not because I actually do know it all but because I have a tendency to think I do. (shhh!) I enjoy books, food that I shouldn’t eat and caffffffffffffeine……  I’m a terrible housekeeper, I never feel like I say the right thing , I’m  terrible with spelling and grammar (so if it bothers you comment and I’ll fix it) and I’d rather play with my kids than clean up after them.  I am a full time student and insanely proud of loosing more than 30lbs in the past few months. I'm mom,