Monday, September 24, 2012

the cleaning fairy, or I finally win one.

The cleaning fairy visits

So the little green monster was moody all morning, so I asked him
“What’s wrong, monster?”
“Mom, mom.  I never telled you this before but I used to have a fairy and daddy did too but now they are gone and that makes me sad.”
“Oh why did they go? I don’t know they just did. Mine was named Tinkerbelle and she would come when I whistled.  Dad’s was named bob.  And ever since I had a little sister she won’t come any more and that makes me sad!”
“ I don’t think she stopped coming because of your little sister…”
“I think she did, maybe we’ll have to get rid of sister”
“But wouldn’t you miss her too? A lot?”
“yeah probably”
“maybe she left because your room is too messy, and she didn’t like to come over anymore to play, she might get stuck!”
“ MOM! I think your right! I’m going to go clean my room.”
(his actual filthy room)
And he did
I’m pretty sure that was a jedi mind trick. I successfully navigated four year old logic and won!
Have you ever had a similar win?

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  1. Congrats on navigating four year old logic. I'm working on cracking two year old logic and I've decided it doesn't exist.