Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A love affair with broccoli

A love affair with broccoli

Sorry readers it has been so long I’m trying to learn to balance school home and still writing this blog for fun.

So lately the little green monster has been really interested in temporary tattoos.  Finding myself out of them and in need of a bribe I told him I would DRAW a tattoo with markers on him as long as he promised  not to draw on himself. He agreed , so I told him that he could have any tattoo he wanted…and this is what we got…
 (sorry it's hard to see he'd already had a bath)

What is it? a tree? Cloud? An explosion? Nope it’s broccoli. I told him I’d draw anything and he chose broccoli.

That was a few weeks ago, but I was reminded of it today  during snack time,  he wanted a bowl of whonu cookies and milk. I vetoed that(go figure) and set him down with a bowl of broccoli and a glass for milk. I look over and he’s dipping his broccoli in milk. Delish.
I’m just going to jot this down as a mommy win and hope he always loves his broccoli!

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